Latest Apps

- Drive safely to your destination with HUD Nav. Get the directions displayed right on your windshield, and a turn-by-turn voice guidance to keep your eyes on the road and reach your destinations safely.

- Capture RAW (dng) photos thanks to RAW Shoot.

Best Sellers

- Create mind-blowing movies and become a master in special effects with Chromakey Camera

- Record 4K videos with 4K Record and your iPhone and iPad.

- Combine 2, 3, or 4 videos into one with Split Screen Videos.

- Create PopArt masterpieces in no time with PopArt FX.

- Add multiples loops with different speeds in your videos thanks to Video Loop for iPhone and iPad.

- Discover new ways to crop your videos Smart Crop.

Don't miss the new version of iLash, the whip sound app of "The Big Bang Theory" !




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